Cooney Freeze Block Technology

Never worry about coil damage from freezing temperatures again thanks to Cooney Freeze Block Technology. Watch the video below and click here to learn more!

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Replacement HVAC Coils, Parts & Accessories

Cooney Coil & Energy is the Tri-State area’s top supplier of replacement HVAC coils, tube bundles, heat exchangers and heating and cooling system parts and equipment.

Thanks to our experienced team and manufacturer direct relationships, we can specify and deliver high quality, affordable replacement parts for all brands of commercial and industrial HVAC units. In addition, we provide highly-specific parts and customized solutions that keep critical infrastructure such as hospitals, laboratories, factories and office buildings operating cleanly, efficiently and comfortably.

Please explore our website, learn about our company and the product lines that we represent, and contact us if we can ever be of service. We look forward to hearing from you and serving your heating and cooling system equipment needs.

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    We can specify and provide custom replacement heating and cooling coils for all types of commercial and industrial systems. Quick ship options as well as drop in replacements for all OEMs are available.

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    Our custom replacement tube bundles for all types of shell and tube heat exchangers will keep your building's systems working efficiently year-round. Straight tube, U-tube, Single Wall, Double Wall and more.

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  • Promo Image Freeze Block HVAC Coils

    Never worry about winter weather and possible damage to your HVAC coils ever again! Thanks to the Cooney Freeze Block Coil, we can give you peace of mind during even the coldest months.

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    Pumps, economizers, dearator systems and more. Explore our line card to see all of the manufacturers we represent and a full listing of the heating and cooling system parts and equipment that we sell.

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