External Fouling – The Enemy of Heat Transfer

External Fouling – The Enemy of Heat Transfer

External fouling is the technical term for when any type of dirt or grime gets into the fin pack of your HVAC coil. Sometimes, this can even be caused by those with good intentions: yes, even cleaning can impact dirt deep into fin pack and cause fin degradation.

As dirt accumulates, the fin pack’s APD increases, and system efficiency dramatically decreases. Fans and motors are overloaded as they must work harder to deliver air to the end user.

The solution? A simple and effective UV disinfectant system. These systems use focused ultra-violet light to keep coils clean and microbe free. The benefits of installing a UV system on your heating or cooling system include:

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increase in overall health and productivity
  • Increased system efficiency
  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • System will run cleaner and more efficiently
  • Longer system life by keeping HVAC components microbial free
  • Drain lines less likely to clog and drain pan water is totally disinfected, this is the same process used for drinking water

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