If you help operate facilities in Pennsylvania, then you are probably well aware of the danger that freeze damage can pose to HVAC coils.

In fact, freeze damage is the leading cause of premature HVAC coil failure. Fortunately, the innovative technology of Cooney Engineered Solutions can put your concerns to rest. With Cooney Freeze Block Technology, you can have the most resilient and reliable HVAC Coils PA has to offer.

Why Pennsylvania HVAC Coils Need to Be Protected

hvac coils paImplementing Cooney Freeze Block Technology is one of the wisest and most important investments that you can make with regard to the longevity of your HVAC coils. The rupturing of HVAC coils can lead to major flood damage which has disastrous consequences for your building.

In order to frame the issue properly, let’s look at some of the damage that can occur as a result of coil rupture:

Mold: Coil rupture can easily lead to a mold infestation, as the excess of water creates prime conditions for mold to establish residence and expand. Mold slowly destroys everything it grows upon, so the infestation of mold can cause significant damage to your equipment. Needless to say, the amount of damage mold can cause, and the cost of effectively remediating it, are not worth the risk of avoiding proper preventative measures.

System outages: Coil rupture can create a domino effect on your facilities, causing system outages which, in turn, propagate damage. Your building relies on a conglomerate of interdependent systems in order to properly operate. If there is a flood, then many, if not all, of these important systems may experience failure.  

If you want to protect your HVAC coils from rupturing due to freeze damage, then Cooney Engineered Solutions has the product that you need! At Cooney Engineered Solutions, we can provide you with our own Cooney Freeze Block Technology, which has seen over 1,000 installations and never experienced a single failure. We have protected thousands of HVAC coils from premature failure, and we can protect yours, as well. If you want to have the most sturdy HVAC coils in Pennsylvania, then contact us today at 610-783-1136!