Replacement HVAC Coils

HVAC CoilsAt Cooney Coil & Energy, we represent leading manufacturers of replacement coils for all types of heating and cooling system equipment. So no matter what type of air handler or fluid cooling system your facility uses, our team can troubleshoot, specify and deliver a replacement coil that will get your system back on line quickly and effectively.

Our replacement HVAC coils can be customized to work with all types of equipment and infrastructure, so if you’re having a problem with an air or fluid coil we can provide a quick, precise and cost-effective solution.

A few of the applications for our replacement heating and cooling coils are:

  • Commercial HVAC Equipment
  • Industrial motors
  • Food production equipment
  • Generators
  • Cooling towers
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Papermills
  • Any process or equipment that uses a coil to provide heating or cooling

Our coils are also perfect replacement parts for commercial and industrial HVAC units from brands like Trane, Carrier, York and more.

To get started, the first step in our process is a site visit to confirm the problem and verify the specifications of the part or equipment you need. Our highly-trained team can look at your system as a whole and identify maintenance processes and upgraded parts that will make your complete HVAC system more efficient, more reliable and longer lasting.

Best of all, when we visit your site to troubleshoot a problem and recommend a solution, we fully guarantee the form, fit and function of the replacement parts that we provide.

// Please contact us today to learn more or request an estimate. We look forward to serving all of your replacement heating and cooling coil needs.