Cooney Technologies is a proud provider of railway heating solutions.

Cooney Technologies has been serving Pennsylvania and the tri-state area since 2009. In that relatively short amount of time, Cooney has not only earned an unrivaled reputation for quality and reliable service but has likewise established itself as the region’s premier provider of train heating systems.

Railroad heating is an essential service; furthermore, it is a highly specialized one. That’s why train heating systems Pennsylvania clients (including local rail services, Amtrak, and the broader rail industry) demand comprehensive train heating and cooling systems that have demonstrated effectiveness and reliability.

Cooney Rail Systems is proud to offer unmatched rail heating and cooling systems made by the nation’s top manufacturers directly to Pennsylvania clients. Cooney’s products and services are renowned within the PA rail industry. Most importantly, Cooney Rail Systems are tested, proven, and trusted.

Railroad Heating And Cooling With Cooney

Rail services, including the train heating systems Pennsylvania railways depend upon, are such an important priority of Cooney Technologies that we feature a full-fledged division dedicated singularly to heating and cooling solutions for railway systems. Cooney Rail Systems, our exclusive train heating division, is focused on the provision of these critical products to regional clients.

Cooney Rail Systems are notable for high-tech service and long-term reliability. We emphasize the incorporation of the most effective and cutting-edge features and technology into every train heating unit. This notably includes anti-vibration technology and extended life coatings in our train heating coils, along with other custom HVAC products directly sourced through Cooney’s network of exclusive manufacturer relationships.

Cooney Technologies has expanded greatly since its initial founding. As our products, services, and divisions have expanded, we are proud to have maintained friendly, direct communication and service with all of our clients, including the railroad industry. To learn more about the exclusive train heating systems Pennsylvania clients know and trust, contact Cooney Technologies today.