Hahnemann University Hospital/Trane

Mechanical failures or an act of God can occasionally blindside a HVAC system. These unpredictable mechanical failures often lead to coils being exposed to hazardous freezing conditions.

When this occurs the resulting damages can be catastrophic to a hospital. In December 2015 Hahnemann Hospital was exposed to this exact scenario. Fortunately, all 6 coils in this large bank were equipped with Cooney Freeze Block. As a result the coils froze but did not rupture. According to Marc Smyth of Hahnemann Hospital.

“We originally thought the coils ruptured when we found a patch of ice on the floor of the air handler. We were very happy that when our system failed, our coils did not rupture. Instead, the relief valves had discharged and when we thawed the coils they went back into operation with no leaks.”