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Can I Put This in a New Air Handler?

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Looking for Freeze Proof HVAC Coils? This is What You Really Need

Freeze Proof HVAC Coils Don’t Exist, but Freeze Block Technology Does. Many of us are familiar with the stories of explorers in search of some mythic object: a city made of gold, a spring that makes humans immortal, and so on. There is something alluring about an object that seems too good to be true….

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The Story of Cooney’s Freeze Block Technology

Read this to Explore a Brief History of our Freeze Block Technology. Ever since its invention, Cooney Freeze Block technology has been a cornerstone of our business at Cooney Technologies. And like all great inventions, it certainly has a fascinating history. Looking back now, almost ten years after starting this journey, we are proud of…

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Mark Your Calendar For the Next Lunch and Learn!

Join Us for a Lunch and Learn and See What We Can Do for You! On this website and especially in recent blog posts, we talk a lot about HVAC servicing and repair. After all, it’s what we do. This company was built on a foundation of experience that Bob Cooney gained in the HVAC…

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