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What makes the Freeze Block Technology unique?


How much maintenance does the Freeze Block require?


Has This Technology Been Deployed?


Can I Use Glycol with Freeze Block?


Can I Put This in a New Air Handler?

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Extending the Life of Rail HVAC Coils

Combatting the Corrosive Environment of the Railways By train, it only takes a few hours to go from a frigid tundra to arid desert climates. While exhilarating and scenic for a passenger, these extremes can make HVAC cooling and overall maintenance of rail vehicles extremely problematic. In the rail environment, an HVAC system faces numerous…

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HVAC Tube Bundle Maintenance

Tube bundles are an essential part of the HVAC and hydronic system of a commercial facility. They are the heating elements that exchange and transfer energy in the form of heat into the water that is then typically used for either building heat or domestic hot water requirements. Without this critical component, the system wouldn’t…

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