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The Story of Cooney’s Freeze Block Technology

Ever since its invention, Cooney Freeze Block technology has been a cornerstone of our business at Cooney Technologies. And like all great inventions, it certainly has a fascinating history. Looking back now, almost ten years after starting this journey, we are proud of our legacy. So here is the story of our proprietary technology from…

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Why A UV Disinfection System is Essential for Medical Facilities

How The Right UV Disinfection System Can Save Lives At Your Medical Center If you help operate a medical facility such as a dialysis center, health clinic, hospital, or pharmacy, then you know how much people depend on you for their health. Every day, people expect you to provide health services, and you do. But…

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How to Safeguard Your HVAC Tube Bundle

Look for these signs so that you can protect your HVAC tube bundle. Tube bundles are an essential part of the HVAC and hydronic system of a commercial facility. They are the heating elements that exchange energy in the form of heat which is transferred into the water that is typically used for either building…

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