Introduction To Cooney Technologies


What makes the Freeze Block Technology unique?


How much maintenance does the Freeze Block require?


Has This Technology Been Deployed?


Can I Use Glycol with Freeze Block?


Can I Put This in a New Air Handler?

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3 Challenges Railway HVAC Systems Face and What You Should Do About Them

How You Can Overcome the Most Common Railway HVAC Issues Nothing comes easy for railway HVAC systems. Anyone who has ever worked with a railway air conditioning system can testify to that. In order to properly regulate temperatures for the passengers, railroad HVAC coils must adapt to challenging and volatile conditions. A stable environment is…

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How to Tell When Your HVAC System Needs to have the Coils Replaced

Don’t let them fail! Here’s your HVAC coil replacement guide The coils in an HVAC system are some of the most important parts of your air handling system, which is why a proper HVAC coil replacement is essential to keeping that system running. The HVAC coil is an essential component that your system just can’t…

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The Heat Exchanger Perfect-Fit Guarantee

A heat exchanger is one of the most important parts of your hydronic system. They’re the device that transfers heat between two fluids, allowing heat to be taken out or put into your system. That means the heat exchanger in your HVAC is responsible for the temperature of your water, and it also means that…

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