Introduction To Cooney Technologies


What makes the Freeze Block™ Technology unique?


How much maintenance does the Freeze Block™ require?


Has This Technology Been Deployed?


Can I Use Glycol with Freeze Block™?


Can I Put This in a New Air Handler?

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5 Ways to Prepare for Heating Season

The summer has come and gone, is your HVAC system ready for heating season? Replace Filters Dirty filters cause a reduction in airflow. This makes your HVAC unit work harder leading to higher operating costs. Replacing your filters on a PM schedule will help keep your coils free from debris, making them more efficient. Coil…

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Extending the Life of Rail HVAC Coils

Combatting the Corrosive Environment of the Railways By train, it only takes a few hours to go from a frigid tundra to arid desert climates. While exhilarating and scenic for a passenger, these extremes can make HVAC cooling and overall maintenance of rail vehicles extremely problematic. In the rail environment, an HVAC system faces numerous…

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