Jesse Fornataro

Technical Sales Consultant

George Parkinson

Technical Sales Consultant

Mike DeJoseph

Technical Sales Consultant

Gerald Wengert

Technical Sales Consultant

Matt Francis

Technical Support / Customer Service

Bruce Michalowski

Technical Support / Customer Service

Bezzy Inoc


Kristin Comitale

Sales Administration/Executive Assistant

Caitlin Buglione


Rick Kobylinski

Product Manager

Evan Jones

Key Accounts Manager

Gregg Hopson

Director of Engineering

David Broman

Director of Sales and Operations

Bob Cooney

Owner / President


We strive to evolve the frontier of energy transfer and provide the ultimate customer experience; our solution-driven team focuses on innovation, education, and lasting relationships.



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A Commercial & Industrial HVAC Resource Since 2009

What is now known as the Cooney Technologies organization was founded by Bob Cooney in 2009. The focus, drive and passion Bob brought with him to this new venture stemmed from his thirty plus years in the commercial heating and cooling industry.

The organization was named Cooney Coil & Energy. We were built around providing heating and cooling parts and equipment to the market quickly and accurately. The vast knowledge and resourcefulness of the small superstar team helped CCE grow rapidly into today’s multi-division, North American powerhouse.

Innovation has always been one of the core drivers of our organization. This passion for bringing simple yet innovative solutions to the HVAC industry was the primary driver in creating our patented Freeze Block technology and launched the Cooney team into the manufacturing environment.

As the team has grown we’ve worked hard to keep our core values and culture consistent. Building relationships with our customers, a deep understanding of their goals in every project along with always focusing on the community, employees and our environment drives our decision process.

When asked, Bob will always say the goal is to “build a team of superstars”. That was and continues to be the primary goal of Cooney Technologies.

// Our products include:

  • Commercial & industrial coils
  • Tube bundles
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pumps
  • Pump packages
  • Air & dirt separators
  • Economizers
  • Tanks
  • Steam specialties
  • Boiler feed systems
  • Deaerator systems
  • Unit heaters
  • Fan coils
  • UV-C disinfectant lighting systems
  • Fluid coolers
  • Custom parts & solutions

Even beyond replacement heating and cooling system parts, the most important service that we provide is our Form, Fit & Function Guarantee. When we perform a site visit to personally troubleshoot a problem and specify a replacement part for your heating and cooling system, we guarantee that the equipment we provide will fit accurately and work perfectly. And that’s a commitment that not many firms in our industry can make.