Cooney Coil & Energy Now Offering Microchannel Replacement Coils!

Cooney Coil & Energy Now Offering Microchannel Replacement Coils!

Cooney Coil & Energy Now Offering Microchannel Replacement Coils!

We’re happy to announce our Cooney Coil & Energy division now an Evapco Alcoil distributor of MicroChannel coils!

Evapco’s microchannel coils are a robust design and built to last longer than typical OEM microchannel coils. Contacts us today for replacement microchannel coils in the Philadelphia area.

Stock and Custom Coils Available

Why do Coils Fail?

Coils fail for a number of reasons.

These include:

// Vibration // Corrosion

// Excessive fan cycling

// Low load cycling // Physical damage

Fin/Tube coils are naturally susceptible to galvanic copper to aluminum corrosion that significantly reduces fin performance over time, and can also sacrifice the aluminum fin material in seacoast environments. Copper elbows and tubes also can corrode, pit, and crack over time. Thus, a coil mean time to failure can range from 5-10yrs, and preferably 15-20 years or more, if robust.

Microchannel coils, manufactured by others can fail due to the same reasons listed above. In many OEM systems, these coils are automotive style and use thin tube walls, yet are susceptible to the worst of operating conditions, vibration, and sea coast effects. Microchannel coils are the future of chiller condenser coils, but must take the same abuse, wear and tear.

Why Evapco Alcoil?

Evapco Alcoil is an all-aluminum microchannel coil, designed for high efficiency, with fins integrally brazed to the tubes, and tubes integrally brazed to the headers. Evapco Alcoil, however, is a robust industrial constructed coil with thicker tubes and thicker headers. It is the latest generation of high-performance condenser coil with vertical tubes (not horizontal) to reduce standing water on the coil, reduce thermal stresses and provide features intended for longer life operation.

How is a Evapco MicroChannel Replacement Coil Different from an OEM MicroChannel Coil?


// Non-Automotive, industrial design

// 25-30% Thicker tube walls

// Epoxy Coating for superior corrosion protection

// Lower Refrigerant Pressure drop for improved operation and oil return

// Built-in Mini-receiver (in lower header) to make it easier to charge

// Side Flange for drop in/slide in installation

// 5-Year Warranty

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