Corrosive Environments - The Enemy of Heat Transfer

Corrosive Environments – The Enemy of Heat Transfer

Corrosive Environments – The Enemy of Heat Transfer

Corrosive environments can really wear on a building’s heating and cooling systems. But fortunately, at Cooney Coil, we understand how to protect critical HVAC systems and components from Mother Nature while keeping them running smoothly and efficiently year-round. Here are a few factors that contribute to the wear of heating and cooling systems in a couple of different environments.

// Coastal / Marine

  • Abundance of sodium chloride (salt) which is carried by sea spray, mist or fog

// Industrial

  • Laden with harmful metal oxides, chlorides, sulfates, sulfuric acid, carbon and carbon compounds

// Urban

  • Elevated sulfur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) concentrations

// Rural

  • High levels of ammonia and nitrogen contamination from animal excrement, fertilizers and high concentrations of diesel exhaust

Fortunately, we have a great solution that protects coils from the elements: ElectroFin’s unique corrosion protection option.

The benefits of ElectroFin’s factory-applied electrocoating process include:

  • It’s the only process that can guarantee 100% coil coverage without bridging, including enhanced fin designs
  • Proven corrosion protection for new all-aluminum microchannel coils
  • Excellent corrosion and UV resistance make it suitable for coastal environments

//If your facility is in one of the areas identified above, contact us today to learn how products from ElectroFin can help keep your heating and cooling systems operating effectively year-round. Contact Cooney Coil for more information.

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