The Story of Cooney’s Freeze Block Technology

The Story of Cooney’s Freeze Block Technology

The Story of Cooney’s Freeze Block Technology

Read this to Explore a Brief History of our Freeze Block Technology.

Ever since its invention, Cooney Freeze Block technology has been a cornerstone of our business at Cooney Technologies. And like all great inventions, it certainly has a fascinating history. Looking back now, almost ten years after starting this journey, we are proud of our legacy.

So here is the story of our proprietary technology, from its inception, through development, to where we are today.

The History of Freeze Block Technology

Freeze Block TechnologyDuring Bob’s career as an HVAC and Steam specialist, he often saw the results of HVAC disasters related to ruptured coils. Every time the cold weather of winter came, HVAC coils that weren’t prepared for the cold ran the risk of rupturing when the temperature dropped. Even with employing preventative measures, coils were still freezing and rupturing.

The solution finally came to Bob when a pharmaceutical client called after having coils rupture in multiple air handling units within their R & D campus. These were specialized air handling units designed to handle the unique requirements of the laboratories.  When the coils froze and subsequently ruptured the chaos began. The tight tolerances of the air temperature and humidification within the labs was compromised. When the massive flooding followed, the labs, along with years of experiments were in peril. Luckily, Bob and his team were able to build replacement coils in time.  The pain the client felt along with years of similar experiences with no good solution became the catalyst for his Freeze Block coil invention.

Bob was concerned that one could only protect HVAC systems to a certain point. All the available options to stop the freezing process within the coils had faults.  Bob realized it was futile to try and stop the freezing process…his focus immediately became stopping the freezing process from damaging the coils.  

Bob’s Freeze Block solution came in the form of a simple yet revolutionary concept.  By uniting all the return bends together with a common header and a very specialized relief valve the Freeze Block Technology was born.

The valve is what really makes Freeze Block special.  You see in order for this to be effective the valve has to operate within two scenarios; pressure and temperature.  A freeze event that starts in the middle of the coil requires pressure relief while a freeze event that starts on the outside ends of a coil must have temperature relief.  By covering both you can rest assured that your coils will freeze…but you will not realize damage…we guarantee it!

Tested over and over again at temperatures far below zero… the system performed flawlessly. With constant tweaking and improvements to the design, Freeze Block technology soon became the object of fascination within the industry. When the final product was released to the market, it was met with great success, and the team is proud to announce that with over thousands of active installations, there has not yet been one system failure.

If you’re interested in trying out Freeze Block technology on your own system, or if you just want more information about it, please get in touch with us. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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