Extending the Life of Rail HVAC Coils

Extending the Life of Rail HVAC Coils

Combatting the Corrosive Environment of the Railways

By train, it only takes a few hours to go from a frigid tundra to arid desert climates kann man bei facebook videos herunterladen. While exhilarating and scenic for a passenger, these extremes can make HVAC cooling and overall maintenance of rail vehicles extremely problematic.

In the rail environment, an HVAC system faces numerous challenges download individual music tracks. Dynamic forces between the rails and the wheels of rail vehicles can have a negative impact on the performance of HVAC coils. Vibration can result in the cracking of tubing in the coils download songs to your mobile phone. With climate changing in a matter of hours, the heating and cooling load can put additional stress on the HVAC system.

The harsh outside environments cause advance degradation of the copper finned coils aktuelle windows 10 version kostenlos herunterladen. Cleaning these copper coils is essential to help maintain heat transfer. With environmental laws, cleaning copper finned coils can be tricky. Typically, heavy-duty alkaline or acid cleaning agents are used Download itunes for free for windows 10. Coils must be cleaned over a recovery system where chemicals can be filtered to prevent contamination of the water table.

Innovative Solutions for a Demanding Environment

Because of these factors, railway HVAC systems require innovative solutions to combat the demanding environment kostenlos teamvieweren. The Cooney HDRC e-coated coil’s robust design is engineered to stand up to the g-forces and vibrations experienced on the railway easytax 2018 herunterladen. Our HDRC e-coated coils are made with heavy-duty aluminum fins and dipped in an electrically charged blend of hydrophilic/HDRC e-coating. During production, Cooney HDRC coils are vapor degreased with perchloroethylene to assure optimal adhesion of the e-coating ubuntu youtube videos herunterladen. This coating adds additional durability to prevent damage from impact.evaporator and condenser HDRC coils air conditioning

HDRC e-coating has been tested and proven in over 3000 hours of salt spray testing per ASTM B 117 ocr herunterladen. This corrosion resistance extends the lifetime of a railway coil. When it comes to the dirt and debris from the tracks, the e-coated coils are resilient download icloud windows. An HDRC coated coil can be cleaned anywhere on the railway since only high-pressurized water is needed.

At Cooney Rail Systems we are experienced within the rail industry and know challenges that are faced every day. Our expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology allow us to ensure your rail cars are equipped with the best HVAC solutions. Get in touch with us at Cooney Rail Systems, we will provide you with peace of mind on the railway. Contact us today at 610-783-1136.