Cooney Coil & Energy Now Offering Microchannel Replacement Coils!

We’re happy to announce our Cooney Coil & Energy division now an Evapco Alcoil distributor of MicroChannel coils! Evapco’s microchannel coils are a robust design and built to last longer than typical OEM microchannel coils. Contacts us today for...

4 Reasons You Need a Smart Coil

The HVAC industry is evolving. Why haven't your HVAC coils? Learn why you should upgrade from old standard coils to the industry's only Smart Coil for the best protection and communication against freeze damage.

Benefits of UVC Light for Commercial HVAC Systems

Turn your commercial HVAC system into a disinfection machine with UVC lights. Use in combo with other ASHRAE recommendations to combat COVID.

Troubleshooting Guide: Frozen HVAC Coils

Do you have a frozen HVAC coil in your commercial AHU? Read this quick guide to help troubleshoot system issues and get your coils in operation again.

How Much Is Your Steam System Costing Your Facility?

Plugged, leaking, or blowing steam traps can cost thousands of dollars in lost energy every year. Detect any waste of energy, efficiency, and dollars with a steam trap survey from Cooney Coil & Energy. Available in the greater Philadelphia area.

UV-C Light for a Cleaner HVAC System

Have questions about using UV-C lights for disinfection? Learn how to use this technology to reduce 99.99% of microorganisms, increase efficiency, and reduce maintenance at your facility.

5 Ways to Prepare for Heating Season

The summer has come and gone, is your HVAC system ready for heating season? Winter is coming. Get ready with our 5 tips to prepare your facility.

How to Select the Best Heat Exchanger For Your Brewery

Plate & Frame, shell & tube, or shell & coil? Not all brewery heat exchangers are created equally. Find out what heat exchanger is best for your brewery.

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