Cooney thermo-pack

For Steam to Domestic & Steam to Hot Water Applications

The Cooney Thermo-Pack is a revolutionary new technology that saves energy and reduces maintenance with a compact sleek vertical design. The vertical packaged heat exchanger skid utilizes the latest in shell & coil technology while helping to save energy, space, and money.

  • Ultra high-efficiency
  • Completely customizable
  • Eliminates flash steam losses
  • Sanitary 316L SS wetted parts
  • Condensate sub-cooling as low as 100° F

All Cooney Thermo-Packs can be customized to fit your specific application including elevations, piping, materials, components, and more. Cooney Engineered Solutions will be there for you throughout the entire process including:

  • Consultation
  • Initial Site Visit
  • Customization
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Start-Up

Sick of catalog units? Want a plug-and-play heat exchanger with the latest technology? The Cooney Thermo-Pack is for you.

Download: Thermo-Pack Line Card


“Some of our heat exchangers had failed and didn’t last as long as they should. A problem with a lot of traditional heat exchangers is that they have way too big of a footprint. To us having a plug and play kind of heat exchanger, is a big deal.

What made the Thermo-Pack a good fit, was first the size. We want to be able to convert building steam laterals to hot water by putting these in a vault, with the controls in the building. Cooney Engineered Solutions worked with us and created what we wanted. The condensate sub-cooling and how cool we can get the condensate is great. We’re getting more heat and that’s a big factor with any kind of hot water conversion, to be more efficient”

– Frank Perry, Thermal Distribution and Hydroplant Manager at Cornell University