5 Questions & 5 Answers About Our Freeze Block Technology


Introduction to Cooney Technologies

Cooney Freeze Block is the brainchild of a dedicated team of engineers and designers led by me, the founder of Cooney Technologies. From the initial idea to the latest installation, our dedication to perfecting this technology is the foundation of Cooney Technologies. Find out more about what makes the Cooney Freeze Block exceptional.


What makes the Freeze Block Technology unique?

The Cooney Freeze Block was developed and patented by Cooney Technologies over a period of years. Unlike obsolete technologies on the market, it responds to both of the following freezing scenarios: freezing from the outside in and freezing from the inside out. Our solutions has been proven to respond to both pressure and temperature threats simultaneously.


How much maintenance does the Freeze Block require?

Once the Freeze Block has been installed onto your existing HVAC units, maintenance is minimal. Because the Freeze Block contains very few moving parts, and no complex or motorized valves, it requires little or no maintenance

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Has This Technology Been Deployed?

Cooney Freeze Block technology is proud to support the HVAC systems of individuals and enterprises all over the continent. From Society Hill Towers to Glaxo Smith Kline to The White House our technology has found its way into a huge number of HVAC systems. We have thousands of active installations, and to this day not a single system fitted with Freeze Block technology has ruptured!

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Can I Use Glycol with Freeze Block?

Glycol is a popular anti-freeze that is used in many HVAC units. Glycol attempts to prevent the fluid from freezing, which is different from the Freeze Block, which prevents the coil from rupturing if it does freeze. They are not mutually exclusive, but whether or not glycol should be used with your unit needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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Can I Put This in a New Air Handler?

Cooney Freeze Block technology is compatible with all air handling systems. Because our staff members are trained heat transfer specialists, they can size and select coils for your system while guaranteeing fit, form, and function. You can rest assured knowing that our Freeze Block technology will fit into your new air handling system.

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