Cooney Thermo-Pack

Cooney Thermo-Pack

Save Space, Energy, and Money!

Sick of boring long webinars? Us too! Join us for a mini session on the latest in heat transfer technology, shell & coil heat packaged heat exchanger skids.

Old technology such as shell and tube heat exchangers have a large footprint and take up valuable space in congested mechanical rooms. Learn why facilities are replacing them with ultra-high efficiency vertical packaged heat exchanger skids.

Here’s what we will cover:

// Overview shell and coil technology

// Sub-cooling for steam efficiency

// How to prevent flash steam

// Applications

Presented By: Rick Kobylinski

Presented By: Rick Kobylinski

Product Manager

  • 41 years experience as a Steamfitter
  • Owner/Operator of RSK Mechanical 20 ½ years
  • In-house Contractor at GlaxoSmithKline
  • Experience:
    • Refineries
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Schools / Universities
    • Heavy Industrial